14 rajlok: an overview

  • 63971-142brajlok Loka, according to Jain mythology is finite space in the centre of infinite akash (space).
  •            It is a prismatic shape having three divisions-upper loka, middle loka and lower loka.·         The lower loka prism has a base of 7 raju top of 1 raju,  height of 7 raju and width of 7 raju The total height of loka is 14 raju and the width is uniform at every height, equal to 7 raju.
  • ·         One raju is a very large distance whose exact volue is difficult to determine. One estimate puts its volue equal to 1.45×1021 miles but this is not generally accepted. The actual value may be much higher.
  • ·         As per this shape the volumes of upper loka and lower loka are 147 cubic raju and 196 cubic raju respectively and the volume of whole loka is 343 cubic raju.
  • ·         The shape of upper loka comprises of two trapezoidal prisms, one with a base of 5 raju, top of 1 raju, height of 3 raju and width of 7 raju, and the other with a base of 5 raju, top 5 raju, height 4 raju and width 7 raju.


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