‘Mukesh vs. Anil’ converted into ‘Mukesh+Anil’

The Humanistic Gesture Has made Mukesh Ambani to top the God’s list of ‘Humanitarians’

Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar, the mastermind behind the I-ARTIST (International Ahimsa Research & Training Institute of Spiritual Technolgy), remarked that in the God’s list of ‘Humanitarians’ (not the Forbe’s list) the name of Shri Mukesh Ambani is now at the top. Mukesh’s gesture is to be assessed in the light of the fact that in past, Anil (his real brother) was his ‘contestant’.

Prof. Muni’s appreciation of Mukesh’s ‘magnanimous’ humaneness is as follows:


“We are living in the world today where greed, selfishness, dishonesty, vengeance, jealousy, ego, cruelty etc. reign supreme in human mind. Running after monetary gains has shattered all values into smithereens, making man utterly greedy, egotistic and selfish. In such a state of affairs, what Shri Mukesh Ambani has done is, indeed, the highest summit of true religion and spiritualistic traits. “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

In almost all Indian school of darshan (philosophy) and dharma, in general and in Jainism, in particular, such kind of magnanimity has been considered to be the implementation of dharma in actual life. It is ‘applied dharma/adhyatma’.


By selflessly giving the colossal sum of Rs. 550 crores to Anil’s company, his elder brother Shri Mukesh Ambani has shown that he has put into practice the maxim of Bhagvan Mahavira’s principle of Aparigrah, ‘mucchhaa pariggaho vutto naayputten taainaa’, which asserts that it is the ‘attachment to money (or any object)’ which amounts to ‘parigrah’, and not the money itself.

In view of such act of ‘detachment to money’, Shri Mukesh Ambani deserves the epithet, Manava-Ratna.

It is all the more heartening that Mrs. Neeta Ambani, the wife of Shri Mukesh Ambani, played the role of ‘Seeta’ by having a soft corner for his ‘devar’ (husband’s younger brother), just as Seeta had showered exquisite grace on her ‘devar’ Laxman. In a way, Neeta bhabhi has as if falsified those so called sociologists who generally depict ‘bhabhi’ to be ungraceful and envious of ‘devar’ in the matter of voluntary monetary dividends. She has, indeed, played an exemplary role of the lady, par excellence, by transcending the petty consideration of past misbehaviour from the side of her ‘devar’. But for her co-operation, it would have been impossible for Shri Mukesh Ambani to be considerate for his brother.

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