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Evo4soul Multiversity​

Empowering minds, Enriching souls: Discover Evo4soul Multiversity Experience

Unlocking Knowledge, Inspiring Growth

Welcome to Evo4soul E-learning: Your Gateway to Personal and Professional Development.

Explore our diverse and dynamic online programs, designed to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge, and achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home. Join our virtual learning community, engage with experienced instructors, and embark on a transformative e-learning journey with Evo4soul.

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Why Evo4soul?

Comprehensive Programs

Evo4soul offers a wide range of comprehensive programs, including meditation retreats, e-learning courses, publications, communities, blogging, and more, to cater to diverse needs and interests.

Experienced Faculty

Our programs are designed and led by experienced and knowledgeable faculty who are experts in their respective fields, ensuring high-quality content and effective learning experiences.

Holistic Approach

Evo4soul takes a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit connection, and integrating mindfulness, creativity, innovation, and self-development principles into its programs to foster personal growth and transformation.

Accessible and Inclusive

Evo4soul is committed to accessibility and inclusivity, offering online and offline options for learning, publication, and community engagement, making its programs accessible to a global audience with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Emphasis on Practical Application

Evo4soul's programs are designed to be practical and applicable in real-life situations, equipping learners with valuable skills, tools, and strategies that can be applied to their personal and professional lives for positive impact.

Inspiring Community

Evo4soul fosters a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for personal growth, well-being, and making a difference in the world. Through its communities, blogging, and vlogging, Evo4soul encourages networking, collaboration, and mutual support among its members, creating a dynamic and uplifting learning environment.

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Evo4soul Multiversity: Where Mind, Body, and Spirit Converge for Personal Growth and Transformation. Discover a world of comprehensive programs, led by experienced faculty, that integrate mindfulness, creativity, innovation, and self-development principles. Join our inspiring community, foster holistic well-being, and unlock your full potential at Evo4soul Multiversity.​

Piyush Kumar Nahata

Founder and director

Offering diverse programs and resources for holistic well-being, personal growth, and professional development.
Online courses and workshops designed to empower learners with knowledge and skills for self-improvement and success.
Meditation Resort
A serene sanctuary for relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness practices.
Engaging virtual communities where like-minded individuals can connect, share ideas, and support each other's growth.

At a Glance

Experience the holistic approach of Evo4soul, empowering you to unlock your full potential, enhance your well-being, and thrive in all areas of your life.

Evo4soul stands out as a unique and comprehensive multiversity that offers transformative programs, experienced faculty, a holistic approach, accessibility and inclusivity, practical application, and an inspiring community, making it the ideal choice for those seeking personal growth, well-being, and a vibrant learning community.

“Evo4soul techniques are so much effective and nonsectarian and piyush’s counseling sessions are very fruitful for me,which gave so much clarity to my vision. I am genuinely grateful for that. He’s meditation session are always preoccupied in other cities,i hope i’ll get seat in bikaner’s center. prices are very nominal. I just recommended to my family and friends about the same. i also recommend to everyone must try piyush’s meditation session once in a life.”

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Sumit Nahata

Founder-Director, Save New Generation

“Best of the place in India to rejuvenate and relive yourself . Yogacharya Masters are very knowledgeable in teaching traditional form of Asanas. They are very supportive to provide feedback and guidance upon enquiry. Consistent teaching of very high quality from teachers who care and know you who you are.
A very personalized approach to health! I Love that the teachers always refer to me by my name and encourage me during class. Thank you!”

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Devang Somani


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