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Samavsaran Meditation

Did you ever want to go to Mahavideh Kshetra and get the darshan of Simandhar Swami
Let’s do this journey with a 36 minutes meditation
Wear your earphone and connect your inner core…


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evo4soul Defined

‘evo4soul’ is a brainchild of Piyush Kumar Nahata. He has been working for more than two decades to understand the process of evolution theory in the context of ancient Indian wisdom provided by Rishis, Tirthankaras and Buddhas. After a deep analysis of both systems he designed…

बारह भावना (श्री भूधरदासजी कृत) आश्रव का निरोध और संवर के उपाय

जैनधर्म, भावना पर आधारित है| जीवन की प्रत्येक क्रिया में भावना मूल है| यदि किसी मनुष्य की भावना राग – द्वेष से युक्त है तो उसकी क्रिया में पापबंध होता है और जब उसकी भावनाएँ विशुध्द हैं तो उसकी क्रिया में पुण्यबंध होता है|…

Flood of happiness

Dear friends,                          How do you create a Flood of happiness???                          How do you remove the darkness which is apparently felt everywhere? …

What do we Teach our Children

Do you know what you are

U are a marvel

U are Unique

In all the years that have passed

there hase never been another child like U

Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers,

the way you move…….